What can I do with an Apple Watch?

Hello Girls

Have an iPhone 5 or 6 ? Then you will soon offer the Apple Watch, at least if your finances allow you, of course. But what can you do with an Apple Watch?

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fire phone black

Out-of-This-World Shopping with the New Amazon Fire Phone

If there’s something that we love more than smartphones, that’s shopping. Imagine being able to take a picture of a pair of lovely shoes and immediately getting accurate info about cost, availability and customer reviews? This is now possible with the Amazon Fire Phone. Continue Reading →

Paris Hilton Bunny Costume

The Hottest Celebrity Selfies of June 2014

June was hot and so were certain celebrity selfies this month. Check out some of the most-liked and most-shared spicy snaps of the rich and famous from Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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Lumia 930

Nokia Lumia 930: Punchy, Colourful and Stylish

The Lumia 930 is the latest colour-splashing addition to Nokia’s Windows phone line. With a premium design and mind-blowing specs, the Lumia 930 has been named the most anticipated handset among female smartphone users in the UK.

The most recent model of the Lumia line was officially unveiled on 2nd April, but it’s going to hit the shelves in Europe on 3rd July. As always, this Nokia Lumia 930 review starts with the essentials:

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Netatmo June Colours

Netatmo JUNE: Enjoy Truly Feminine Tech This Summer

Don’t you just hate it that almost all wearable tech comes in unisex styles that eventually fall towards the masculine side? If you’ve completely crossed-off the possibility of ever wearing a smart bracelet, Netatmo’s JUNE will make you go back on that.

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TripAdvisor City Guides

City Guide Apps for the Party Traveler

Dreaming for a fun and wild getaway this summer? Then, the first thing you need to do, is consider the three W’s of travelling: when to go, who with and where to?

The first two are somewhat related. Pick the right time of the month so that you and your travel buddy could enjoy to the max the wild summer nights you’ve been looking forward to all year. Where to? Anywhere! The truth is that with the right companion and just enough insider information, any destination will be a blast.

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Gordon Ramsay Cook with Me

The 3 Best Cooking Apps for the Aspiring Celebrity Chef

To help you solve the ultimate dilemma “healthy or tasty”, we’ve gathered the best cooking apps by famous showbiz chefs.  With a smartphone in one hand and a ladle in the other, cooking gourmet and balanced food is as easy as pie.

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Period Diary

Go with the Flow: Use Apps to Take Control over Your Period

If you’ve already started planning your summer holiday, there’s one thing you need to consider before booking flights and hotels. When your Aunt Flo is coming to town. That’s right! The only way to avoid this unexpected travelling companion is tracking your monthlies and period timings.

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BabtBump Pregnancy Pro App

How to Make the Most of the Pregnancy Roller Coaster?

Dutch stunner and Victoria’s Secret model Doutzen Kroes showed off her baby bump in an Instagram of her changing silhouette last month. The proud mama-to-be inspired us to wrap up the best pregnancy apps to help you make the most of this precious milestone moment.

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LG G3 colors

LG G3: The Glam Smartphone of 2014

It’s been only six days since the new LG G3 was officially unveiled and it’s already topping every chart that you can imagine. From functionality to specs and design, LG’s new flagship smartphone is dubbed the best phone of 2014.

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Here’s How Smartphone Accessories Can Pimp Your Style

Wondering what retired supermodels do these days? Apparently, they design smartphone accessories. British style icon Kate Moss, who recently marked her 40th birthday with a steaming Playboy photo-shoot, is currently busy crafting her own collection of gadget accessories.

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KamaSutra App

5 Smartphone Apps to Unleash Your Inner Sex Goddess

If you think that May wasn’t hot enough, it’s just become scorching! We’ve rounded up the best sex apps for any relationship status on Facebook. Whether you’re “in a relationship” or “it’s complicated”, single or married, these naughty apps can teach you how to spice up your love life and become a sassy sex goddess.

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hair color app

5 Smartphone Apps for Rocking Hairdo

Having totally rocking hair is important. Full stop. But how often can you or should you go to the hairdressers? The answer is zero. You shouldn’t go at all. Why spend on a stylist when you can be your own coiffeur and get a new rad hairdo each day? To help you stay in style and swag your hair up, we’ve made a list of the best hairstyling apps:

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MTV News App

Top 5 Gossip Apps for the Amateur Celebrity Stalker

We’ve got some juicy news for you. There’s a way to keep up with the latest celebrity gossip and rumour without coughing up a pound each week for a printed tabloid. With these mobile celebrity gossip apps you can gobble up unlimited amounts of hot spicy celebrity news, photos and videos right on your smartphone.

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Tips to take a perfect selfie by Michelle Phan

The key is the right picture angles and the right lighting. If you wanted, for some tips for a perfect selfie post, then learn from the expert.

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Forever 21 Shopping App

4 Smartphone Shopping Apps for the Fashionista

With the summer around the corner and the school year almost over, it’s time to get your wardrobe updated and rocking. And because we want to give you a head start in the annual summer shopping spree this season, we’ve rounded up the top four of mobile shopping apps that we’re absolutely digging.

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Samsung Gear 2 & Gear Fit: The Hottest Trend of Summer 2014

This summer hi-tech fashion lovers can swag up with the hottest smartwatch line by Samsung. The South Korean electronics giant joined forces with the ultimate fashion authority – Vogue Magazine, to make a statement. The coolest trend this season is called Samsung Gear.

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Samsung Galaxy K Zoom: Kapture the Moment !

The Samsung Galaxy K Zoom is the shining diamond of all high-end camera smartphones currently on the market. Launched just about twenty days ago, the K Zoom has already topped the wish lists of thousands of female smartphone users around the world.

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How to lose weight with an application on your phone ?

Summer is on its way and millions of women around the world are worried about their looks. Let’s face it! Being a working mum is exhausting and doesn’t leave you enough energy or time to join the gym. Moreover, family needs make you cut down on your personal expenses such as the gym or a personal trainer. But, you still want to be desirable, healthy and fit! Now, you can achieve this goal with just a few taps on your android or iphone. MyFitnessPal is an app that was created for all the working mums who want a rocking body!

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Be A Trendy Gal with Meitu 2

Girl equals power. Do you agree? Cheer up Mademoiselle! Girls are delicate, emotional, yet fabulous. These are things that boys can’t get over with. Good heavens! That is what you call Girl Power. And what is the best weapon for you girls to have power? It’s no secret, the Meitu phone 2 Smartphone. The best gift yet discovered for your irresistible beauty and charm, it’s hard to keep it to oneself.

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3 Smartphone Beauty Camera Apps Every Woman Needs

Prepare to meet your best photo yet. Ladies, try something new by going outside of your preferred zone. There was once a saying that beauty had to hurt. Modern advance in technology is welcoming beauty without any pain. Snap a photo, edit and share. You now have the opportunity to add your personalized touch.
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Top 3 of the Cutest Apps for Couples

If you’re a part of those cute couples that make single people sick to the stomach with jealousy, there’re smartphone apps that will help you take your love to the next level. Mobile apps designed specifically for couples enable you to keep tabs on your significant other at all times, and have fun together even when you’re apart.

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Dating Apps: Even Celebrities Use Them!

If you’re tired of looking for Mr. Wonderful the old-school way (drunk in the bar), maybe it’s time to try out an online dating service. Almost all major dating websites have developed a handy smartphone app that you can install on your iOS or Android device and conveniently browse potential soulmates on the go.

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5 Apps that Will Help You Look and Feel like a Celebrity

5 Apps that Will Help You Look and Feel like a Celebrity

Who needs professional make-up artists and stylists, when there are smartphones? With the right smartphone apps and just a little skill, you can master the latest fashion and beauty trends, stay fit and feel fabulous every day. Here are the top five health, beauty, fashion and lifestyle apps that you can use on a daily basis.
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